What I am stocking up on this week…..(1/06)

Save-A-Lot has a few really nice things to stock up on this week….here are a few of them!

Tony’s Crispy Crust Pizza……$.89

I tried these out before posting, and they were pretty good!  They are similar to the “Totino’s Party Pizza” (same weight, but square) if you are familiar with those.   The kids like them occasionally for lunch.  Stock up!  $.89 is a great price, and this is a temporary item!

**Update 1/07  This deal just got even better!

$1 off 2 Tony’s Pizza printable coupon
Final price: .39 each when you buy 2…..Thanks, Jeri at Coupon STL!

Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce  $.79

If you didn’t stock up on spaghetti sauce last time, you are getting a second chance!!  I just love having a huge supply in my basement.   (When I stocked up last time I noticed that if you feel really closely, they are actually dented cans!  I imagine that’s why they are selling them so cheap:)

And this next one is almost inconceivable.  I mean, what….are they trying to give me a heart attack here??

GROUND TURKEY……. FOR $1.00????   Really?  A BUCK?????

Previous to this it had been up to $1.49, so this is a GREAT DEAL!!   These are also very compact and easy to store in a freezer, so STOCK UP!!

And if by chance you are at a loss of what to do with ground turkey…….never fear, you can find the answer HERE!  🙂

(Seriously, Save-A-Lot should hire me to be in charge of their advertising:)

Hope one or more of these will be a blessing to you,



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