Target Toy Clearance….HEADS UP!

So, apparently I live in a cave when it comes to “Target Clearance”.

Thankfully, we have our awesome sister PAULA B. to clue us in!   For the sake of “ease”, I’ll just repost the message she sent me….

I was at Target today and some of the stores have already put their toys at 75% off which is way earlier than usual. I’ll be hitting Arnold tomorrow to see if they follow suit since their stuff was 50% or 30% today.

Thought I would give you a heads up.

(I then asked if I could use her name and pass it on, as well as what stores were already at 75%….)

Feel free to pass it on. Kirkwood and South County were 75% off today and I got things like Lego sets, Club Penguin playsets & a Hot Wheels track dirt cheap. I suspect Arnold will put theirs 75% off tomorrow but there’s no way to tell for sure. And Fenton is always on their own schedule too so it might be next week before they do anything.

Thanks so much Paula!!  I’ll be looking for some nice niece/nephew birthday presents, as well as b-day for my own little guys.   (I very much like the idea of spending $5.00 for a $20.00 toy….)

And who knew it was all the rage to take pictures of your target clearance  75% off  finds and post for the world to see??

Well, bless my soul.  (as my mother would say)

Money Saving Methods posted this one last year…..

Here’s another pic from her site…

This pic was sent in by one of her readers….

This one is from Sara The Savvy Shopper….

It looks like she has some great tips on shopping Target clearance….I’m definitely going to have to check that out!

I found this one from A Few Short Cuts…

Several of these were posted after a huge July toy clearance….

The Coupon Goddess shows her “stuff”…

She is so pumped about the Target Toy Clearance event, she suggests they make it an annual holiday…..

Let us know if you find anything good!


One Response to “Target Toy Clearance….HEADS UP!”
  1. Well, now I know where you live! I used to live there as a child (Barnhart) ; my grandmother lived in Arnold until she moved by me a few years ago, and she grew up in Kirkwood, and my aunts live in Fenton.

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