What Doesn’t Work Wednesday: Regarding Toilets

Sometimes we make good decisions with money, and sometimes we make really BAD ones.   Allow me to confess a really BAD one to you, in hopes that you will avoid making the same mistake.

At all costs.

A couple of months ago, we started noticing that after we would flush the toilet in our master bathroom, it would just keep on making that “running” sound.

Even later in the day while downstairs in the kitchen, we would hear it.

For like…..an hour.

“Yikes, we need to fix that,” we would say to ourselves.

But fix it we did not.  We had other pressing things to do, like….Thanksgiving, and Christmas……

Last week we got the water bill.   What is usually around $20-$25 had turned into……….


(It hurt me to type that, just so you know.)

So, next time you hear your toilet running too long…..I suggest you cancel Christmas until it is fixed.

Love you,


And in case you ever need to know: (The anatomy of a toilet:)

That little blue flapper thingy is the culprit of this whole flabaccle.   It wasn’t closing properly, and the toilet would just continually empty, then refill…..empty, refill….etc.

Condo Blues has a nice tutorial on how to fix a running toilet. (By replacing the blue flapper thingy.  I think that’s it’s technical name.)  Check it out….HERE.

3 Responses to “What Doesn’t Work Wednesday: Regarding Toilets”
  1. Charity says:

    wow, I would kill for a water bill that low, either the $20 or the $74!

  2. oh man that is crazy how much higher it went up! I just replaced all of our toilets anatomy with hydroright dual converter (small flush if needed, larger flush if needed buttons) and the hydroclean for the inside tub and i love it, makes a world of difference with our hard water!! our water bill isnt high but it will be interesting to see if it changes at all with the dual flusher

  3. Anita says:

    I’m with Charity. Our water bill is horrible. Runs around $70 each month.

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