Top Tip Tuesday: THE BOX

Please be warned.  I’m about to divulge a deep, carefully hidden, family secret.   If you’ve ever wondered if I really do love you… you can know for sure.

Okay, now let’s talk in whispers.

Have you ever heard of, “THE BOX”?

It’s how we get ALL of our meat.  Half Price.

You see, at our grocery store, a day or two before the meat expires….it goes down to half price and it’s put in “THE BOX”.

On my Mr. Wonderful’s day off, he is right there bright and early to bring home the bacon.  Or the pork chops, roast, brats,… get the picture.

Have I mentioned how wonderful he is?

Freeze it immediately, or use it that day.   We’ve never had a deep freeze, so we take it to one of our parent’s freezers if we need to…

That’s over 3 pounds of meat right there.  I like to separate it and freeze it into 1 pound chunks.

Now I must mention, it is a very RARE FIND to get all that ground beef in one trip.  (He also brought home two packs of bratwursts that day, too).

More commonly he finds  roasts, and chicken thighs or breasts.  For a long time it was pork chops.  Just ask me about pork chops.  I only know 285 ways how to cook them.   🙂

So there you have it.  Do some investigating at YOUR grocery store.  They’ve got to do something with THEIR meat….find out what it is.  Here are some tips:

  • Some places just mark it down and put it in with the rest of the meat.  Find out what times are the best to check for it.
  • Make friends with the butcher.  The butcher is your friend.  Compliment his……apron……if you have to.  The butcher is the key to good information.
  • If you can’t get “in” with the butcher, ask the checker.  The checker is the “second” key to good information.  The checker is your friend.
  • Don’t be greedy.   Don’t take it all.  Don’t grab the entire box and bring it to the front.  The workers remember such people, and talk bad about them.  I have heard them.  Many times.
  • Don’t let the old ladies fool you…  They may look harmless, but they are FIERCE when it comes to their meat.

So now you know how we get all of our meat at half price.  And don’t worry…you’ll get used to the stomach pains.  They are really not that bad.   (hehee……that’s just a little joke I like to use….)

And now I must go….I need to work on my new list:

285 ways to cook ground beef.

Love you,


P.S.  I apologize to any of our vegetarian brothers and sisters who may have been offended at this post.  🙂

5 Responses to “Top Tip Tuesday: THE BOX”
  1. Bob says:

    I am determined to be at the store one day right before Mr Wonderful gets there. 🙂

  2. Anita says:

    Actually…the expiration day is for the stores benefit not the customer. But you do have a good plan there. I do the 5 for $25 at our store. That’s where all the almost expired meat goes at our store. I’m able to buy things like London Broils, Pork Loin, Sirloin Roast, and thick pork chops for $5 a package.

  3. Schnucks marks their meat down 25% – there are usually some good finds there!

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