A great way to buy FLOWER GIRL dresses…

I’m a bit tired.

I’m tired because yesterday after our sumptuous Sunday fellowship, I convinced my Mr. Wonderful to let me “peek” in at Walmart’s Christmas clearance to see what was left.  Very Dangerous on his part.

But I found some great gift sets….

and then I found this dress.

Actually, there were three of them.  I was intrigued.

You see, I have a fabulously awesome family member who is getting married this year, and she is so sweetly and graciously letting all the “little girl cousins”  trounce down the aisle together as her flower girls.   All SIX of them.

Now that’s a nice aunt.

Her color being a deep purple, I thought this dress might work.  And how hard could it be to find just three more?  After all, it’s a WALMART dress.  There have to be thousands of them in existence, right?

I called the Bride to get her take on it…..and she said, “Let’s go for it!”


Seven Walmart’s later (with me looking in the South and the Bride in the North)……MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Of course, it’s MUCH prettier in real life!

For your close up viewing pleasure….

Purple is a hard color to show right…..I “tweaked” these on my editing software to try to show the true color, but as everyone’s computer screen is calibrated differently, accuracy is just not gonna happen.  🙂


There they are….”Taa Daaaa”!!!   While $14.00 isn’t as huge bargain for a Christmas Dress, I think it’s a real winner for a flower girl dress!!  (or six)

If you know someone getting married this year….

Now is the time to get RED, IVORY, PURPLE, etc…. while EASTER is the time to get the softer colors.

So for now, I’m having visions of a stunning bride, a handsome groom…… and six- purple -happy-little girl- cousins-  trouncing down an isle.

And then I will remember how we only paid $14 per dress and my lovely visions will be complete.

I just love a good deal.

But not as much as I love you.



P.S.  If you happen to come across this dress in your travels, I would give my left arm to have an extra.

For real.


3 Responses to “A great way to buy FLOWER GIRL dresses…”
  1. Tana Fox says:

    The bride LOVES these dresses that her six nieces will be wearing and can’t wait to see them all dressed up and having fun on our big day. The bride also REALLY appreciates her wonderful sis-in-law spending most of her Sunday in pursuit and acquisition. God has certainly blessed me with a wonderful family and future husband!

  2. Jeannie says:

    What an awesome find and quick thinking!!!! Congrats to Tana =) Taryn told me about your happy event!!!! I will keep my eye out for dresses LOL

  3. Oh, what a beautiful dress! That’s awesome!

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