It’s December 29th. It’s Mylie’s Day.

Today is a special day for our family.  It’s Mylie’s day.   Wanna know why?

First, let me tell you about her.

Mylie is my sister’s second baby.  We were soo excited last August (09′) when she was going to be born.

See her room all ready for her?  Zebra print with hot pink accent.  She was bound to be a “sheeky” baby….

And then……In at the beginning  of August, she came.  Cheeks and all!!!!!

I know what you are thinking.  You want to pinch them….

Big sissy was excited to meet her baby for the first time….

Almost as excited as she was about those crackers….  🙂

Mommy with her girls….

Big sissy still likes those crackers….

Mommy’s in love….

Here she is at two weeks old—–

My goodness I love those cheeks.

And can you believe this one?

Just born and she gets to go to the new stadium!  (I’ve never been to the new stadium.  I’m not jealous….I’m not jealous…..I’m not jealous…..)

And here she is at the CIRCUS!!!

And what’s this??

Why yes, there she is at the new stadium.  Again.  (But I’m not bitter)  🙂

She’s stealing your heart with those cheeks, isn’t she?

Here she is in October…..

Oh my.  Those cheeks make my heart DROP.


Big sissy loved to give her rides in the doll stroller…

(I haven’t figured out if she likes it or not…..)

Last year, two weeks before Christmas I asked my sister if I could babysit.  I was secretly planning to take the girl’s pictures and give them to her for Christmas……  Mwahahaha……

I. Love. Those. Cheeks.

And you’ll NEVER believe who came to our Christmas Eve at my mom’s house???  Yes, Santa.  (Well, we actually call him “Danta” aka: Mylie’s Daddy:)

And Christmas morning…..

Daddy helped open gifts….

Happy mommy with her girls…

Then they got all dressed up and went to grandma’s house again.

Here she is in all her sweetness…

It was a wonderful Christmas.  Filled with sweetness, chubby cheeks, and smiles.

Four days later, as life settled back into “semi” normal, Mylie and big sissy went to the wonderful, domestically superb (I mean it…We’re talking, I’m not worthy to step into her beautiful, peaceful, abode) babysitter’s house.   She fell asleep in the babysitter’s loving arms, and was gently laid on the bed (Big sissy in the pack-n-play right beside her).

And then, my phone rang.

What happened next is why Dec. 29th was the worst day of our lives.  So many of our lives.  Mylie’s mommy and daddy, her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, and that poor, sweet babysitter.   I’ll spare you the details of that horrific day, because I don’t want you to have nightmares about it like I do.  The drive there, scenes at the hospital, and sending two parents home with an empty car seat…… I’m not going to sugar coat it, it was terrible.

Mylie had just stopped breathing.

After a full autopsy and investigation, it was diagnosed at SIDS.  “Sids” is just a fancy name for…….”we don’t know”.  There was absolutely no medical reason for her to stop breathing.  Some think they just go into a SUPER deep sleep and can’t get out of it. Some research shows that SIDS babies have a lower level of serotonin in their brains.  But no one REALLY knows.

So after one full year of immersing ourselves in Zebra Print, participating  in SIDS walk-a-thons, counseling, and lots of tears and hugs……we find ourselves here again.  Back to December 29th.

So I thought on this momentous day, I’d share with you some of the things I have learned through Mylie’s death.

Here we go:

  1. Life is a Vapor. It really is.  For Mylie, and for us.  In the vast span of time, our lives seem just as short as hers.  Enjoy each day as a gift, and live for what matters, the Glory of God.
  2. We are not in Control.  We can do EVERYTHING right when it comes to our kids, and death can still happen.
  3. We can’t live in fear.  Could our children stop breathing at any moment? Yes.  Is there anything we can do to stop it?  No.  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, and He will direct your paths.”  Live.  Love the Lord.  Trust Him.
  4. My sister and brother-in-law are two tough noogies.  Sometimes marriages break under such pressure, and sometimes they grow STRONGER.  You should see these two now.  They are one strong UNIT.  I’m so proud of them.
  5. God’s GRACE is SUFFICIENT. I know what happened was awful.  I know you can’t imagine it happening to your own child.  But if it did, I’m telling you,  if you are a believer, GOD’S GRACE IS SUFFICIENT for ALL your needs. Every….single…
  6. In the end, Christ is our only hope. Without CHRIST, my sister and brother-in-law have no hope to see their sweet baby again.  We need FAITH.  If you don’t have the faith you need,  ASK  HIM for it.  He’ll give it.

So I believe we’ll end this post on a wonderful note, shall we?  With CHRIST, we have HOPE.   He has covered our sins.  If we have REPENTED and BELIEVED, we know that because of HIM, we WILL see those sweet cheeks again!!

Praise the Lord!!  I can’t wait!!!!

So thankful for Christ and chubby cheeks,


no wait….let’s end on THIS note….

Have you met Levi?  He’s Mylie’s new little brother.  (notice the cheeks)  🙂

8 Responses to “It’s December 29th. It’s Mylie’s Day.”
  1. Melinda says:

    Beautifully said, Melissa. You are evidence of God’s grace and strength, as well. When we are weak, He is strong! Love ya! Thinking of and praying for you and your precious family.

  2. Rae Holderle says:

    Thank you Melissa. This is a beautiful tribute for Miley’s Day. I didn’t get the pleasure to meet Miley or even pinch those adorable sweet cheeks, I do know I will meet her one day. Thank you Laura, Dan, & family for all the sharing through this heart ache challenging year. God is good ALL the time. In Christ’s Love, ~rae~

  3. Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for this, Melissa! Your words and so kind and touching, and I love how you told Mylie’s story along with those precious photos. I consider myself blessed to have known and loved Mylie, as well as her wonderful parents and extended family. Praying for peace and comfort for all of the family today.

  4. Jason Vaughn says:

    I didn’t know they had another baby. He’s adorable.

    And amen HIS Grace is Sufficient.

  5. Grandma Riegler says:

    You wrote a beautiful tribute to Mylie and her parents . Yes, without our Faith we couldn’t have survived. God has given us the strength and hope to move forward. He has truly blessed us and you are one of those blessings. Thank you for writing with so much love.

  6. Martha2Mary says:

    Melissa, I just found your blog. As a Christian, I was intrigued by your blog name. I started mine a couple of years ago to process a major life shift, but now I’ve picked it up again. I appreciate your post and especially the list of what you have learned through Miley’s life and death. Thank you so much for sharing! Marti Ahlman

  7. Jeannie says:

    What a beautiful tribute, Melissa. Your family, especially your sister and her husband, are frequently in my prayers. Congratulations on the birth of Levi! You are all so blessed to have an angel like Mylie in your lives.

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