Top Tip Tuesday: My Favorite Things to Buy After Christmas….

Ahh, the week after Christmas.   The “big” excitement is over, but we are still basking in a sea of gifts, some of them still in packaging.  I like this week.  There is still New Year’s to look forward to, and until then I will forever be in “Christmas Mode”….

I know there are some great deals going on out there in the world, but I’m not one who is willing to leave the house for them.

I like my warm cozy little haven.

After New Years I’ll probably mosey on out to “The Mart” to see what’ up.  And when I do, HERE’S what I’ll be looking for……

Gift Sets.  The 70% off kind.   I’m talking was $10.00, now $2.50 version.

I’ll save some of them for next year…. (sorry Sis, I really did mean to spend more on you this year……)

I’ll get some little “girly” pinkish ones for my 6-year-old sweetie to take to her friend’s birthday parties….

And I’ll use some of them for those fun little “Personal” Bridal Showers.

Because a honeymoon just isn’t a honeymoon without “Hot Cocoa” Body Lotion.

Trust me.   🙂

A little “Gingerbread Latte” would be much appreciated as well….

I’m just sayin’.

(And who knew you spent just $2.50 on such a wonderful gift??)


  • “Manly” gift sets (travel bags, manicure sets, etc)
  • Blue decor (I decorate in Blue Snowman/Snowflake after Christmas in order to avoid immediate depression:)
  • Christmas candies (M&M’s, kisses) if I think I can use them for baking
  • Bed Sheets (One year I got penguin & snowflake Jersey T-Shirt Sheets for $5.00 per set after Christmas….I’ve had my hopes up to find them every year since)
  • Extension Cords (They often have green ones left over- I don’t care what color they are, as long as they work!)
  • Ornaments (I would love to get some Kohl’s ornaments at 70% off to put on the outside of some gifts next year….how cute would that be?!)

For me…’s not worth it until it goes at least 70% off!!!!!  And once it goes up to 90% off…..I’m a gone er’.

(And by the way, if anyone out there happens to notice things have hit 70% at any given store…..I would love you forever if you would let me know.  Like I already do:)

And because I know you love new baby squishy-ness as much as I do…..

This is Levi on Christmas Eve.  He’s my newest nephew.

I know.

There is nothing better than new baby squishy-ness at Christmas time.  I don’t think I could be any more thankful to the Lord right now for him.

When I look at that picture, on sale gift sets don’t matter anymore.

(But I’ll be buying them, just the same:)

So thankful to the Lord right now,


One Response to “Top Tip Tuesday: My Favorite Things to Buy After Christmas….”
  1. pastrrick says:

    Great posts and ideas. Most of my gifts were at least 60% off. Some were 70 – 90. I shop all year. My problem is I forget what I have and end up getting too much for those closest to me.- My kids and grand kids. I know I need a list!!!

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