Don’t buy any more BOWS, make them yourself out of left over WRAPPING PAPER!

This summer at my sweet niece’s birthday party, I came across the BEST idea!!  My sister’s mother in law had made the absolute CUTEST bow out of left over wrapping paper scraps.   I was amazed.  Truly amazed.

She showed me how she did it, but (as usual) I had forgotten in about five minutes.  I have LOOKED and LOOKED online to try to find out how to make that bow…..(grrrrr)

Oh well, I did come across some other great bows in my search!

(and by the way, Bev…..can you call me?)  🙂

I think this one is the “closest” to what I was looking for…

There is a tutorial of this one….HERE! Great job, Perennial Passion!

This next one is actually a video on YouTube, and seems to be the most simple.  I’ll definitely be trying this one for sure!

To see the video click…HERE!

Okay, this one LOOKS great, not sure I’ve got the time to make more than one, though!

For a tutorial on how to make this bow…click  HERE!

Here are some cute and easy ones….I think these would look great with double-sided/reversible paper!

Citrus had some super cute ones…..I love the motorcycle and button she put in the center!  See the tutorial HERE! (Her little girl actually made these!)  Great job!

Jessica, at How About Orange, has a fun tutorial…

How to make a bow out of a magazine page!  So cute!  See it HERE..

Oh, Amanda has a fun one……

(Although I’m inclined to think mine would end in disaster!)  See how she does it HERE.….Great job, Amanda!

We have soo much to celebrate, don’t we??  The birth of our wonderful Jesus Christ, who made His entrance into this world as a tiny CELL, in His mother’s womb.   He grew and grew…(I just love it when they are at that little “shrimpy” stage on the ultrasound)…..probably started kicking his mamma to death….then she got so big she could hardly turn over in bed.  (I can remember when rolling over in bed was a major event).  And then…. one day….


Happy Birthday, Jesus.  God incarnate.  We celebrate YOU!!!!!!!!

Seems to me that bows don’t really matter that much anymore, ay?  (Yet onward, we wrap!)

Love you, sister,


2 Responses to “Don’t buy any more BOWS, make them yourself out of left over WRAPPING PAPER!”
  1. oh amanda says:

    Thanks for linking to my bow tutorial. Some of those others are AMAZING! 🙂

  2. knittingprose says:

    I’m so gonna have to try this. I never buy bows cause they’re such a waste of money! This will make me feel better about all those scraps of wrapping paper I keep throwing away too!

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