A “Cheaper” Way to See Narnia – Dawn Treader…

Do you have “Narnian Fans” in your family?  We do!  While I really wanted my kids to see the new  DAWN TREADER movie, (my husband has been re-reading the series to them at night to prepare them for the movie), I also didn’t want to fork out a small fortune to take them…

Many thanks to a friend from church who let us know about the Wehrenberg deal going on right now…..

The rush hour show (anything that starts between 4-6pm) on Monday-THURSDAY is now just $4.00!!

Also, St. Louis Wehrenberg locations have a new “Early Bird” special…. $4.00 tickets to any show starting before 12:00 noon!

Check the Wehrenberg website to find theatres and times….

For a frugal movie snack, fill some ziplock bags with whatever you can find in your pantry (pretzels, marshmallows, peanuts, M&M’s, chocolate chips, even breakfast cereal)….mixed all together makes a fun movie treat! (everything is more fun at the movies 🙂 )

And by the way….. the movie was super duper extra FABULOUS.  🙂

Thrilled to see Christ Glorified at the MOVIES,


2 Responses to “A “Cheaper” Way to See Narnia – Dawn Treader…”
  1. Jason says:

    Glad the deal worked out for you.

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