Frugal Weekend Family Fun! (December Style)

Wanted to share what kind of “free fun” we are having this weekend!

Have you ever tried the Blockbuster Express Kiosks?  We have been seeing them at a lot of gas stations….

Well, Coupon Dad has posted some FREE rental codes.  It is my understanding that he adds them monthly!  We used the code from his site :

XU14A (Good until 1/7/11)

and it worked beautifully.  I sat at headquarters (i.e. my computer) and found a kiosk that was on my husband’s way home, let him know the code, and he brought home……..

!!!!  None of us had ever seen it and it was really cute.  Since it’s not due back until 9pm the next day, we can have fun watching it again today.  (Coupon Dad also posts Redbox codes, but they didn’t have Toystory in stock for a 50 mile radius…  I don’t think as many people are using the Blockbuster Express yet, so they have better “in stock” right now.)

Now, our next fun free activity will be…..

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!   Bring it on, blow ups and all!  We like to ooo and ahh…and even give our own “ratings”.

I read somewhere a really fun idea/tradition to start with your family.  About once a year, after you put everyone to bed in their PJ’s, wait about ten minutes…and then SURPRISE them by getting them BACK out of bed, into the car, and then spend some time driving around looking at lights.  Don’t forget to have the sippy cups of hot chocolate ready!  We have yet to do this, but I definitely want to try it!

As always, no matter what we do for family entertainment the most important element is teaching and training our children in the ways of the Lord!    A simple phrase like, “Hey guys, the Lord has provided us with a FREE coupon code so we could rent this movie, isn’t that awesome?!”……can help turn all of our perspectives back in the right direction.

And let’s be honest.  We the “moms” need to be encouraged and reminded of the Goodness of the Lord just as much as anyone.

So let me encourage you, my sister.  The Lord IS good.  HE has brought us from DEATH to LIFE, and made us His children.  He has come down as a baby….. to REDEEM us.  That was His purpose….and in your life (I’m assuming upon your conversion here 🙂 )  it has been ACCOMPLISHED.


Have a wonderful day of fellowship and praise tomorrow,



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