Friends, let me introduce you to…..THE SALE

I used to have garage sales-  not anymore.  Several years ago as I was searching through Craigslist for a double stroller, I came across an interesting post.  It was for a consignment sale – “The Stork Lady Kids & Baby Consignment Sale”- it was coming up in two weeks, and anybody could participate.  I had been to a consignment sale before, and LOVED it, but it was a “Twin Club” sale, and you had to be a mom of twins to sell anything.  I was intrigued.  What did I have to lose?  I signed up right then.  It would cost $10 to register, but that would come out of my “check” at the end.   The Stork Lady would get 30% of  my “earnings”, and as a BONUS, anyone who sold items in the sale could shop EARLY….the night before the sale actually opened to the public.

I found some toys my kids didn’t play with, and tagged them.  (Detailed instructions were on their website).  I took them up to the school gym (their location at the time) and they “whisked” them away as soon as I walked in the door.  Okay, that was easy.

I took my sister-in-law with me to the pre-shopping night (I got one free “guest” pass), and we had a WONDERFUL, fun, girl’s night shopping.  I think we even got a milkshake on the way home.  🙂

That year I made a little over $100.  I was very pleased.  I had NEVER made that much at a garage sale before.

The next year I signed up to volunteer, so I could shop even EARLIER.  I made over $200.

Now this was getting fun.  I wondered what would happen if I really put some effort into this thing.  I purged my house for whatever I could find, and started tagging not days before, but MONTHS before.  The sale was getting BIGGER, more shoppers, more sellers, and it was now at the Crestwood Mall, in the old Macy’s. I made over $600.

NOW, I am a StorkLady Consignment Sale NUT.  I have an area in my basement where we put “deals” we found at garage sales, thrift stores, or wherever else.  Two of my kid’s closets are where I keep my “PILE”….the place I stash stuff I want to sell.  At the last two sales, I have made over $1000 each, and it’s now where I buy most of my kid’s birthday and Christmas presents.  I volunteer like a gazillion shifts, so I can shop the earliest of the early…and it’s become two of my favorite weeks of the year (spring & fall sales).  I’ve also made some pretty stellar friends.  🙂

It’s too early to register (if you’ve never done it before), but it’s not too early to start making your “PILE”.   With Christmas coming it’s the perfect time to go through those toyboxes to make room for what’s coming.  (If you don’t have little ones, don’t worry!  They also have a “Mom Spot” where you can sell grown up “stuff”.)  I put my items in trash bags, and when the bag fills up, I throw it on “The PILE” and start a new bag.

Hope you can join in.  I’ll update with more info later…and you can visit for more details.

Saving money and MAKING money for the Glory of God,


(Here are some examples of what I have bought in the past….these were gifts I had bought at the fall sale in September, and just gave to my little guy last week for his 2nd b-day.)

Tonka Talking Dump Truck- (retails $14.99…HERE) – $1.00 at the sale

Fisher-Price Elmo’s World Record ‘n Play Phone Center – (retails $24.99 HERE) – $4.00 at the sale

Sesame Street Musical Elmo – (over $20 HERE and HERE) – $4.00 at the sale

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