Top Tip Tuesday: How we use our DRYER to HEAT the house

Brrrrr…’s COLD out there, no?  And in this drafty old house, any heating tips are very WELCOME.

Right now my two favorite places to be are sitting on the hearth in front of the fireplace, and in my laundry room, doing laundry.  (I can’t believe I just said that)…

Your dryer is putting out wonderful, lovely HEAT when it is running.  Most people have it hooked up to a vent, which leads the heat outside.  We however, have it unhooked, so the warm air will vent INSIDE.

(This photo is a dryer vented OUTSIDE)

Warm, wonderful, moist air.  Since the dryer air is slightly moist, it also helps with the DRY winter air (You know, the lip chapping thing?)  🙂

NOW, the problem.  Dryer LINT.  If you don’t put something over the opening on the back of the dryer, you will slowly start to notice that your laundry room walls are starting to grow LINT along the tops.  (notthatiwouldknow).  Not a huge problem, but pesky none the less.    The solution,  attach an old pantyhose leg to the back to catch the lint. You will need to check it every so often, and when it gets 1/2 way full with lint, change the pantyhose, or knee-high.

Now, let’s have a little SAFETY MOMENT, shall we?

Dryer lint can be VERY DANGEROUS.  It is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE.  There are thousands of fires each year caused by dryer lint problems.  No matter if you vent your dryer to the INSIDE or OUTSIDE, you need to clean out your chosen venting method.

There are companies out there who specialize in this, you can buy a kit, or you can take your vacuum attachment and try to vacuum out as much as you can.  Here are some photos (probably from vent cleaning companies) of what it might look like inside your vents.

Yeah, I know.

And just recently as I was looking up uses for dryer lint (As I was cleaning out my filter I just KNEW there must be some way to reuse that soft, silky stuff….)  I found a great use for it.

Fire Starter.  Yep, it’s SO flammable, that you can use it in your fireplace or campfire to help start your fire.   Go ahead.  Start saving it away in an old coffee can…

and then go clean out your dryer vents.

Love you,



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