3 Things To Stock Up This Week…(Good Until 12/18)

***Save A Lot Deals that are good until Dec. 18th***  (You will need these items anyway, better to buy them on SALE when you can!)

RED GOLD KETCHUP (Big 40 oz bottle)… $1.00 each

I figured we would use 1 per month (at least 🙂 ) so $12 would buy us a year’s supply.

MORNING DELIGHT PANCAKE MIX…..  $1.00 each  (Syrup is also $1.00)

Pancakes are a great frugal breakfast!  Just add water to this mix, and it’s easy to change it up by adding chocolate chips, blueberries, pecans, you name it.  (Great hot camping breakfast as well)   I’m not sure how many of these I’ll get, but probably at least 10 for the year.  (Thank You Lord, for my basement!)  We make our own syrup (boil water & butter, add brown sugar & vanilla for 2 min… OHH my…) so I’ll only get a few of the $1 syrups for emergencies & camping.


Cereal is such a quick and easy breakfast on school days, and I think $1.79 is a very good price.  Not good enough to buy HUGE supply, but good enough to stock up a few boxes!

If you have a deep freeze, CHEF ANTONIO RISING CRUST PIZZA (generic “Digiorno”) is $2.99 as well.  Great to have around when you don’t feel like, or don’t have time to cook a full meal.  This is very thick and filling pizza!

Stocking up for the Glory of God,


To see the entire Save A Lot add, click HERE


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