Shopping Saturday: Frugal Gift Ideas for your SPOUSE…

Well, it’s Saturday, and Christmas is fast approaching!  I don’t know about you,  but all too often around here the kids and other relatives get the majority of my attention when it comes to gift buying.  Last but not least, I will need to buy for my wonderful, hard-working husband.  (He is the one, after all, who is working the most to make the gift buying possible for the rest of us!  I certainly don’t want him to be disappointed on Christmas morning!)

But alas, the majority of the money has been spent.  I need some great, INEXPENSIVE gift ideas that are sure to put a SMILE on his face Christmas morning.  (And please… don’t tell me you are one of  “those” who bought a big-ticket item way back in August under the “guise” of….”This can be my Christmas present!”)  🙂   I jest, but in case you DO need some ideas, here are a few…

#1.  HERSHEY’S POT OF GOLD CHOCOLATES….  A very yummy assortment indeed.  Find it at Good old Walmart…and you can print off a $1 off coupon HERE.  (Click on highlighted just in case you didn’t get that )  🙂

  • For a Super Duper tight budget, you can get Chocolate Covered Cherries at Dollar Tree instead!


#2.  A lovely, fresh, crisp, JOURNAL.  Who doesn’t love to open up those brand new clean pages?  Just think of the possibilities.  🙂

For the best, most beautiful, Barnes & Noble has a great selection.  Next in line would be Walmart, Target, or Costco….and for the seriously tight budget (you guessed it)… Dollar Tree.

#3.  Lotions/Sprays.   Okay, so maybe this fits better into the Wife/Spouse category…but I’m sure you could make something work for the guys as well. 

Bath and Body Works would be our first choice, fellas.  (Click HERE for some coupons…one is “Free item with $10 purchase”).   If you’re not brave enough to do the “mall” thing…..Target has some great smelling lotions in the front of the store- $1 section that would suffice.   (For a more “Manly” alternative, the $5 movie bin at Walmart usually has at least one good selection.)

#4.   K.Y. Jelly  “Warming Gel” …..   (Hey, I’m just sayin’.)   🙂

Walmart.  Throw it in the bottom of your cart.  You’ll be glad you did.    🙂

#5.    $5.00 Starbucks gift card.   Always a fun surprise, and much appreciated.  It says, “You deserve a break.”  Make sure you wrap it up in a BIG box.   (One year we got a $5 gift certificate to a Car Wash, that was fun, too.)

Happy shopping, friends.

Thanking God for my wonderful spouse,


P.S….PLEASE share YOUR inexpensive gift ideas….I know they would be much appreciated!


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