Free Friday: My journey to free phone service (pt.1)

I don’t enjoy paying bills.  I REALLY don’t enjoy paying my phone/internet bill every month….$80.00 to AT & T.  Every…single… month.  That’s $960 per year.   I DO however, quite enjoy my phone service and my internet service, so….I pay it.  Now in the old days, I just had phone service- no internet.  I would DRIVE to one or our parent’s house, or DRIVE to some public place that had WIFI.  Not so bad once you get used to it.  Also not so fun to be parked outside a building at 11:00 at night trying to get online so you can upload pics that HAVE to be ordered by morning.   (nothtatIwouldknoworanything)  🙂

So you can imagine how intrigued I was when a friend told me about Ooma.  I have been waiting and waiting for him to come back and say it wasn’t all it was “cracked up to be”….the service was bad…..the voice quality wasn’t as good….there were hidden fees….etc.  Now, a year later, all he has to say is, “Boy, it’s SO AWESOME to not have a phone bill anymore!!!”

Okay, I’m in.   

First, a little background information.  Ooma is a device that plugs into your internet connection.  Click HERE to go to the Ooma website and there is a little photo showing how it works at the bottom of the page.  Here are some other facts:

  • You HAVE to have Internet.  No Internet, no Ooma.
  • The actual Ooma device/and account is not cheap.  Around $200.  (That’s small change compared to my $960 a year to AT&T though!)
  • There are 2 types of Ooma.  Ooma HUB and Ooma TELO.  My friend says to go with the HUB, because the TELO does have some other fees attached.  (I’ll be checking into this on my journey:)

And in my meager understanding, here are the steps to getting started with Ooma:

  • Step 1- Buy the device
  • Step 2- Have your phone number PORTED over to Ooma.  (This seems as if it could be harder than you would think.  Many people have waited up to 6 weeks to wait for their current phone service to release their number to Ooma.  Some have it done in a week.  I guess we’ll find out…..)  🙂
  • Step 3- Once your number is “ported”, you can get set up and GO fairly quickly (10 min to an hour from what I gather.)

                                   Ooma HUB  

                                                                                                                            Ooma TELO  

Yes, I know what you are thinking.  The TELO is much better looking.  🙂  (It’s also on sale right now at COSTCO- for $60 off  [$199 total] until December 19th!)   The main difference is, there are SOME fees with the TELO.  The HUB is actually discontinued, but you can still get it at some retailers.

I actually have a PRE-Step 1.  I am going to switch my internet to Charter before I begin the process.  (Cheaper for us in the long run).

Can’t wait to update you when our Pre-Step 1 is finished!  🙂

Cutting bills for the Glory of God,


Here are some places you can buy Ooma….check them out for more info! (they carry the HUB)….Best Buy…..Costco…..   (click on highlighted to see pricing)

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