How Ground Turkey Changed My Life…

Well come on, you didn’t expect me to start my first post without GROUND TURKEY, did you??  🙂 

All kidding aside, the day I discovered ground turkey was they day my life would change forever.  


-Ground Turkey is MUCH cheaper than ground beef.   When I first started buying it, I could get it for $.59 a pound. It has jumped over the years to around $1.39 or so, but STILL a bargain in my opinion.

-Ground Turkey is MUCH healthier and leaner than ground beef.  You don’t even have to drain the grease it is so lean.


-It comes in a frozen roll, so you’re gonna have to thaw it.  Either leave it out for several hours on the counter top, or thaw it in the microwave.  (If you are going the microwave route, you will have to cut the little metal ends off beforehand (unless you want to have fireworks early this year)….to do this, just put it in a bowl of warm water for several minutes, and then cut with scissors) 

-Okay, so it doesn’t EXACTLY taste as juicy as ground beef, so I personally don’t usually use it for hamburgers…but it’s great for almost anything else!

All in all… ground turkey is perfect for spaghetti, lasagna, tacos, tater tot casserole (go Duggars), hamburger helper,  and anything else you would normally put ground beef in.  Buy a few rolls the next time you are out and stick them in the freezer.  The next time you are in a “pinch” for a quick meal, there it will be….coming to your rescue.  Fresh, hot, CHEAP, hamburger pizza anyone??

Eating ground turkey for the Glory of God,


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